Sunday, March 25, 2012

You've got a (zofran) in me.

I cannot wait until my first prenatal appointment. I'm not sure which reason is bigger for me, though... seeing my baby for the first time or getting some drugs for this God forsaken nausea. It's baaad. For the past three days (though it seems like FOREVER) I have been miserable. Sleeping all the time, because the longer I'm awake the sicker I feel. No matter what I eat nothing helps. I can't smell certain things without wanting to punch them in the face, everything anybody does annoys the piss out of me, and I just want this first trimester to be over so that maybe I can finally function for longer than an hour a day. Week six was not a great week for me. Today I should be at or darn near close to my 7 week mark. Only 5 more weeks of first trimester "bliss" yaaaaaay. Can you sense the sarcasm? I always thought I would love being pregnant... that I would feel great, alive, wonderful, happy. Nope, I feel shitty, dead, crappy, and all around exhausted. Even typing this is exhausting. So yeah, I think that's enough of an update for now... excuse me while I internally combust.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

&& I was like baby, baby, baby, oh!

5 weeks. That's how far along I am. I'll be six weeks in three days. Our baby's heart is probably pumping blood right now. This week is when it divides into chambers and starts to pump blood. He's the size of an appleseed right now... no more than a little tadpole... but last week he was the size of a seasame seed, so that's a pretty big improvement I'd say! lol. And yes, I said he. I'm just going to refer to "it" as a he for now. I kind of feel like that's what it is anyway. As much as I want a little girl for my family to spoil first, I really feel like it will be a boy. Which is actually a bit unfortunate for my decorating side as well. I really want to do a Snow White themed nursery. Not literal snow white everywhere... I hate that stuff. But the colors. Red walls with white polka dots as a focal wall, behind the baby's crib. Then an iron crib with white & yellow bedding. a blue gliding reclining chair. White bookcase with lots of red & blue accents. Splashes of yellow thrown here and there. Uhg I can see it, it's gorgeous... now so see if my intuition changes lol. I think for a boy I'll do a grey & orange room with a very colorful mobile. No matter what gender the mobile will be a rainbow of bright colors, for sure.

Oh! Logan wont be our boys name anymore. Mark's stepsister had her baby two months ago or so, and we just found out that was what she named her son. I have another name in mind that we both like, but I'll stick to telling that one to a select few just incase lol

I haven't been lightheaded since those last two days, thankfully. But the exhaustion and lack of motivation is a really killer. All I want to do all day is sit around and do nothing. Hell I wanted to play video games yesterday and I didn't because I didn't want to have to move from the computer chair to the dang sofa! Hopefully this doesn't last too terribly long. I would love to get back to the gym... yeah lets face it the gym probably wont happen anymore lol.

Off the topic of baby (*le gasp!*) We finally got our new dishwasher installed!! It's soooo quiet, it's actually a rather soothing sound. Like running/bubbling water. I've used it twice today already... but not because I wanted to (which I also did...)... because I've been too lazy to hand wash. FAIL.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I've been waiting for this moment for all of my life, Oh Lord.

Mark has been home for a little over a month so needless to say, we've been a bit busy. He got home on the 3rd, we had family in town until about the 10th, and then we left NC to go to FL on the 14th. We were then in Florida until the 27th of the month. So that leaves about a week of me sitting here selfishly neglecting my blog. What. The. Heck. But... I think I might have an excuse as to why I was so negligent.


Yes, bitch, I said we're.. Don't be one of the feminist morons that gets butthurt when people say that because it's my vagina and I'll share it's glory with whomever I so choose.

I took my first PT on March 2nd and it was negative. I figured, "oh well, better luck next time" and went about my day. I didn't care that it was a BFN (big fat negative). Well saturday morning hit me like a ton of bricks. Saturday was better, but something still felt different. I've been SUPER gassy, tired all the time, and holy poop was I hungry. All the time. Fast forward to monday afternoon. We woke up late, so I figured, okay slept too much, me dumb. Well i had to pee, not even first morning's pee, and figured "well I've got two pregnancy tests left... why not". HOLY SHIT SIXTY SECONDS LATER THAT BITCH HAD TWO LINESSSSSS!! I called my sister, then she three way called my step dad. After that we tried to tell my mom with my step dad but she was sick so I had to wait until the following day... which was HARD. I already told the world and I haven't even had my first appointment yet lol whoops. I couldn't hold it in.

Oh, and I thought I felt weird then? Holy bitch sticks early pregnancy is ridiculous. My vagina is stealing all my blood flow so I'm in a constant "out of body" sort of light headedness. Not dizziness or anything, but still light headed nonetheless. I've had light cramping, nothing too major just menstruation-esq, but more frequently because I never cramp while I'm on my period. Showering helps, but sleeping helps more :D :D :D I cannot get enough sleep lol in fact, I think I'll probably take a nap here soon lol I can't even keep a straight train of thought how tired I am. All. The. Time. So yeah, I'm just going to stop here. YAAAAAY I HAVE A BABY GROWIN MY BELLYYYY. Okay now I'm done.