Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I Love You So, That's what I Say

&& I'll tell her that every single day!

I'm trying to multitask, so as usual this shit is gunna be all over the place.

My gorgeous little Madi sunshine is fast approaching 4 months old D: Within the next week or so we're going to be buying an exersaucer so she can start really working on them leg muscles. She hates tummy time, yes I'm a bad mommy and don't make her to things that just result in endless tears after 2 minutes lol. So we will resort to other methods of developing those future olympianesq muscles!

My dad came to visit. Aka I quit my diet haha we went out to eat like every dang night-- poor Mark was eating like a regular McFatterton for dinner every night (he tried to keep it healthy, but when you go out to eat you can only resist so much!) and nearly lost his mind looking in the mirror. I saw zero changes but he SWORE he was getting fat lol anyhooters... now we're back to normal. I can pop my boobies out in the middle of my living room once again!

Madison is napping and she just farted. Just thought you would want to know. She's good at that, btw. She doesn't even flinch. Just "tooot pooot blrrpt", not a care in the world. My little lady :D

Hmm lets see... IT SNOWED! Yaaaay! And we got to put Madison in her snow suit haha! She was adorable. She loooved the snow suit, but once we started taking pictures she got a little deer in highlight-y xD

Oh and we got our dates for Japan :O
We leave on or around July 18th. I'm not sure how that works... the paper says July 18th but idk if that means we leave or we arrive. Whatevz.. on or around July 18ths we will no longer be on 'merican soil. I'm not sure if that's good or not yet. Stay tuned lol I hear it's awesome, but luckily? now we get to be the judge of that!

Well that didn't last long... she's awake again (and trying to roll over in her swing and eat it lol)