Monday, October 15, 2012

Have you seen the Ghost of John...

long white bones with the flesh all goooooneeee wooahhaoooaahhooohohhhoh. Wouldn't it be chilly with no-skin-on-BOO!
That was always my favorite song to sing in elementary school around halloween :P

I have been a home owner for two years, and have yet to convince Mark to let me decorate. Until this year! Yaaay! Thanks to a few friends, but hey it got the job done. Houston, we have pumpkins! We went to a place in town called Mike's Farm. Hiiighly recommended. If you're in Jacksonville, to drive straight past Ellis airport and it'll be on your left. They have an amazing restaurant as well that is open every so often. I would assume they are in season right now so the weekends they should be open more often than the other times of year. In total, we got three large pumpkins, and one Madison pumpkin ❤ I'm not sure if I'm going to carve them so they're just sitting out on my porch for now, chillin. I might just find some glow puff paint and decorate them that way. I was going to make a cute little pumpkin family, but lets face it... I am not going to sit down and do all that lol I fully intended... just like I fully intend to do all that other stuff I've got pinned.

And (unfortuately) this year, Mark won't be able to take leave for Christmas so guess who gets a christmas treeeeee. THIS GIRL! Ahh I'm so excited. We'll be gone for New Years, instead, since the Marine Corp is ridiculous and expects us to be back ON christmas day if we take Christmas leave... I repeat: ridiculous.

And about that baby. I am 36 weeks along now, and definately feeling it. I cannot even turn over in bed without feeling like my pelvis is going to rip in two. Walking sucks. Bending over sucks. Everything except sitting in this recliner being a lazy SOB sucks. I am sooo over all of this-- but my momma will be here at the end of next week so storm troop on, little lady! I cannot WAIT for the help she'll be able to put in before and after Madison gets here. To end this on a positive note: I can eat chicken again without wanting to throw it back up! Winner winner chicken dinnerrr!!