Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hush Little Baby, Don't Say A Word.

You've guessed it... she's sleeping. I've cleaned and have free time! It's a Christmas Miracle!

So... if you're a mother you might remember when baby is a newborn and just sleeps all day long. You have to wake them for feedings otherwise they'll sleep themselves into starvation. At least that's how Madison was. Well she's out of that stage. I bet my husband remembers me saying "I wish she'd be awake for longer during the day, I'm bored!" Yeah I take that back. Sleep. Sleep longer. Sleep more.

How the hell do you bitches do this!? No wonder breast feeding moms lose so much weight... we're to busy feeding them to feed ourselves! I have had a greek yogurt and a little carton of cottage cheese with pineapple. I have been awake for eight hours and am running off of yogurt and cottage cheese with a sliver of fruit. What. Thee. Heck.

I legit have to choose between cleaning and eating most days.... that is if I don't have to use the bathroom. Then I have to add that to my options. Lord forbid I have to go number two... (yes, it takes that long to go number two most days... another joy of postpartum recovery.) Then even if the house looks like a tornado with paw prints went through it I'm screwed. Bathroom and (if I'm lucky enough to have any) a bag of chips is all I get. But we're going healthier, so I pretty much get nothing but yogurt & cottage cheese w/ fruit all day until Mark is home to watch her while I cook dinner. Cooking has become my me time. Not even showering is me time... why? Because I'm lucky TO shower! I am so glad that it is winter and I don't have to be active... otherwise people probably wouldn't be able to stand within twenty yards of me without thinking I'm smuggling a dead body.

But, down to the good stuff. My sweet little baby butt. No, not my actual butt. Ain't nothing baby about  that thing yet-- can't work out yet! Here's hoping I get the okay tomorrow, though!! Madison is 5 weeks and 2 days old. Precious baby girl x3 She's starting to smile, too! Her favorite thing to smile at is when I say mama or dada/daddy :D You can tell she's trying to learn, too. She'll stare so intently as I'm talking to her, trying to figure out how the heck I'm doing that haha. She's starting to use little baby words, too. Not too many, just like two. Mostly when she's bored and I'm trying to have "me" time (yeah right, ME time haha okay!). She'll yell out a quick little "eh" or "na" sound here and there when she wants to be addressed :P

She also loves sitting in her little baby activity chair. 4 months and up my butt. I put that thing together last night and she sat in there happy as a clam for a good twenty minutes. She put on the BIGGEST smile I've seen, too, after I put her in. We would have stayed longer but I decided to get her out to do other things. This morning I put her in it again and she sat there for ten minutes, I went to take her out so she could eat and she yelled at me lol She didn't cry-- and it wasn't for food even though it was time for a feeding. She literally yelled lol I put her back in and boom. Happy baby once more. Apparently she's taking that 4 months and up they put on the box as a person insult/challenge. She's pretty good at holding her head up for the most part, but the back of the chair is so high for her right now it holds it forward enough so when she lets her head go back a little it stops it. Of course I'm right there if she loses control of her head, but other than that I really don't have to touch her. She's so biggggg! I'm really glad she likes that chair-- she's not a huge fan of tummy time so she doesn't do it nearly as often as she should. Whoops.

Oh gosh.. and she has a poop face. I think she got it from Mark. When she goes you can definately tell. It's rather loud xD Daddy is proud of the noises that come out of that bottom. I'm so glad I decided to breast feed... because I'm afraid of what that thing would smell like if it were made from forumla lol. I mean, it don't smell like cherry blossums, but it's a "sweet" kind of smell rather than a "OMFG WHAT DIED" kind of smell that I'm used to from when I worked with kids lol. Mark always makes this face when she goes in his arms... and she mimics it perfectly lol It kills me when she does it. She doesn't do it EVERY time, but she still does it pretty often. That being said... I cannot wait for the whole not pooping everyday thing to happen that BF babies have once they're a bit older. It should be starting here soon and I cannot wait. At first the little stinker would go EVERYTIME she was fed. That's every two hours during the day... no bueno.

Oh! And she's sleeping through the night already! I decided to stop waking her once she hit her birth weight (at her two week appointment). The pediatrician, of course, was all "oh no, keep waking her every two-four hours!" Uhm... yeah she doesn't want to eat every two-four hours at night. She wants to sleep. Much like her mother. So she usually gets her last feeding at 9, then we go to bed. She'll wake me up about 5 hours later, I'll lose my mind trying to get her back to sleep for about an hour and half, and then she'll wake me again about 4 hours later. Then 3 hours later... then I decide okay I guess we can wake up since it's 10 o'clock lol Momma is lazy and thankfully so is her baby :D But I fixed the curtains so she usually wants to be up for the day around 8am now... I guess I can deal with the normal 8 hours of sleep :P (she'll stay awake 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours after every feeding like a booger.) I'm unbelievably lucky to get what I DO get. I realize most babies, this young, will wake you up every 2-3 hours all through the night. Madison for the win!