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Hi! My name is Ashley. I am 24 years old, and live in Okinawa, Japan! I have been married to my husband since 2010 and we have a gorgeous little girl together. This is my life. This is who I am, what I'm about, and exactly how boring it is.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Product Rave

Okay, I know I suck and didn't do a "Christmas Post" before posting this, but oh well. It will come. Eventually lol. I just HAVE to rave about this subscription box my mom got for Madison.

It's called "Citrus Lane". For $30 a month (or less depending on if you do monthly, trimonthly, or a six month subscription) you get a box FULL of goodies specifically geared towards your child's age & gender, from prenatal to 5 years old A typical box has a food item, a toy, a care item (shampoo, soap, lotion, etc), a book, and a surprise for mommy! Most items are organic, natural, and all around environmental & body conscious.

I have yet to be displeased by this box. If my mom didn't get the subscription for my daughter I would do everything in my power to make sure we still had it. Including cancelling my other subscription boxes!

This months box was PERFECTION. It didn't come with a food item, which I usually look forward to, but that detail was shadoweded by pure perfection.

First, the book. Super thick cardboard pages, perfect for babies who want to rip fragile paper books. And it is small enough for them to hold themselves, but big enough for my hands not to fubmle pages. "Cleo in the Snow". Perfect for winter, and Madison ALWAYS loves books!

Next, car item: Babytime by Episencial Snuggly Lotion. I LOVE this company. It's products are natural, usda organic, plant based, vegan & gluten free. SUPER environmentally conscious and all around a beautiful company whose products are fairly priced and worth every single penny even if they were to be overpriced. I already received their Shampoo & body wash in a previous box and have since ordered 3 large bottles of it to use. It is a bit watered down, but a little goes a long way and it smells amazing!

Also in the box was, one of my favorite things I have EVERY received, a small 12x12 inch canvas, including pink & blue paint to be used as "handprint wall art". I don't plan on doing a hand, though. We just did her hands for Christmas, so no need. I plan on using this (which is something I've been wanting to do, so perfect mind reader citrus lane obviously would send it!) for finger paints. Her room is pink, so I'll just give the blue paint to my neighbor who has a little boy and let her go crazy with the pink so we can hang it on the wall as her first painting! Super excited to do this I cannot HANDLE it!

And. The grand mac daddy... a Jumbo Knob Puzzle!! I have been looking for these for forever. This one isn't animals, it's shapes which is great because it will be easier for her to match them up once she gets the hang of it :)

It's so great that Citrus Lane seems to match our needs and wants PERFECTLY. Maybe we're just lucky, but I cannot rave enough about how amazing this company and the companies they support are. ESPECIALLY with us living in Japan and not having as much of a selection as far as natural products, or hot commodities toys in general go. Purely magical.

Uhg... Already counting down the days til my next box!