Saturday, October 29, 2011

Life is a highway...

And we're finally off the on-ramp!!! I just got an email from Mark:

I have amazing news for you babe I was accepted to re enlist it is all over the wait and anxiety of it all I just go an email this morning from my career planner. The only reason why I did so much is because it was over drawn and now it really doesn’t matter. I have to go talk to my career planner and see what all I have to do to finish it up I will let you know the exact date of my re enlistment when I get it. I love you babe I miss you
How amazing is that! I am so very proud of him. I've always been proud of him, but this just takes it to a whole 'nother level. He is so strong, and I know that as hard as these next 16 years will be, the time we have to spend apart will be worth it. We can give our children the life they want. We can give ourselves the life we want... no... not we, HE can. HE is giving his family the life he wants them to have, and he is sacrificing himself for it. I will always love him for that. He is so selfless, and everything he does is for our future and our future children. He does nothing but give, and I am so happy to have him in my life. I would have been happy either way, but I am thrilled that this was the hand we were given to play. I just have to keep my eye on the prize: His retirement at 39 (or 44) years old. We will have so much time afterwards, and it will be PAID time. We will be able to have the life that Mark deserves. He will be able to give his children the life he wants them to have. No, we won't be rich, but we won't have to worry about what we're going to do if business is slow in a job outside of the military. I won't have to worry about him working way too much (not that the military doesn't make you, but in this economy it's better than civilian jobs!) There is just so much good that is going to come out of this, and I know he is as proud of himself as I am, which is the most important thing. His happiness is all I want.

I've got some more good news, btw :) At my job we got a new Director, and a new woman took over Managing us! I am so happy with how everything is. I work a shit ton of hours, which I could do without, but it makes the time go by faster so I sure as hell am not complaining! The new Director is awesome, and the new Manager is great as well. She (manager) even told me not to worry about quitting if I didn't want to, that she would give me the time off for the holidays and Mark's homecoming no problem! I don't have to quit! I didn't want to, but my old director was driving me crazy with how unorganized she was so I was just going to save the trouble of requesting off through her and just quit altogether... but now I don't have to and I know I can have the days I need to see my family for the holidays and Mark for his homecoming :) :) :) I am a happy panda.

Also, project pretty living is a-go! I got the chairs for my living room a few days ago! I had been eyeing them for awhile, and they went on sale ($130.00 each, down from 200.00 each!) and I was able to get them!! Now I need to paint, and then hang up some floating shelves, get some frames & tealight candles and this place will look like something straight out of a Home & Gardens magazine!! The living room is looks so much larger & airy now! Oh, I also need to get a new end table to put between them (I have my eye on the matching piece that goes with my coffee table, but I need to wait since it's a hundred bucks!) and I want to find a new place for the dog's bed (in the corner now) so that I can put big ass vases over there or something that looks cute :P a nice new rug would be nice, too... but I know the dogs will just destroy it like the other three area rugs we had -_____-

Welp, I think that's my update for now... I'm pretty sure I got everything in.... Yep that's it! TTFN.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We Never Fall Asleep Without Touchin' Feet.

Yes, I am alive. Just a slacker (:

I've had a recent revelation! This deployment is now at a sloppy slippery downward spiral, and I love it.

I've been working more lately, which is why I haven't blogged in almost a month. Doubles all the time, so that means I have lots of DVR'd shows to catch up on when I'm not at work. Plus I'm a loser, and got back into Puzzle Pirates so some of my free time is spent playing poker against 14 year olds, and kickin' as playing a jigsaw esq. game that helps me own pirates. Yes, I'm aware of how mature the right side of my brain is xD

The Onslow County state fair came to town last week, and I went with a new friend! It was the lamest fair in the history of lame fairs, but I enjoyed it because the person I was with was pretty cool :) I would be hanging out with her a lot more often, but I plan on quitting my job within the next few weeks, so I'm trying to save up as much money as I can, while still being able to improve the house D: It's so much harder to be sociable in the Fall/Winter. No free beach to hang out at D: But anywho... after the fair, I dropped my friend back off and on the way home a new song came on the radio. Feet by Rodney Atkins. AMAAAAAZING song. It made me cry :( But now I feel better :) I listened to that song for like three days straight, and I can listen to it without crying 99% of the time, now so w00t.

Unw00t? I've started drinking coffee D: Mostly because it helps to fill me up, also because since I've been working doubles, I've found to be getting DEATHLY tired from like 3pm-6pm everyday. And I kinda can't nap at work :/ Stupid babies not being able to take care of themselves D: (But not really... I love teh bebehz.) I'm still mastering my coffee makin' skillz though. This morning I concocted a nice warm cup of ashtray -___- I was in a hurry and didn't get a chance to take a sip before heading to work. Got in the car, started driving, took a sip, and felt the lung cancer set in. No, I didn't literally have ashes in my drink, it just tasted like that D:

A few weeks ago, a baby pooped on me, btw. The next time the parents came in they gave me a Target gift card though, so yay for babies explosively shitting all over meeee! I had a spare change of work clothes in my car too, so that was pretty convenient. Tomorrow I think I'm going to go to Target and get a new Olive Oil Bottle, that is cute and pretty and possibly blue or brown rather than clear. My old one is super ghetto so I threw it away before I wasted any more olive oil as accidental moisturizer for my hands while making chicken on the stove. I'll probably pick up a few heres and there's while I'm there, too. Why? Because I'm that hopeless when it comes to shopping. No wonder my husband never let me go shopping alone D: lmao But I'll only buy stuff that's on sale and that I know I need! Like floating shelves and battery tea light candles. And Toilet paper... and maybe some other shit that I don't really need but it's cheap and cute *fml I'm useless.*

Next month I go home! And I stop working until after Mark is home! Less than four months lefttttttt ahhhhhhhhh I'm sooo fucking excited about how soon it will be before he gets home, especially how fast it will go with me going home for all the holidays, and the painting and yardwork I'll be doing to prep the house for his return! I don't know though... I might be more excited to see my nephew so much D: Okay, I'm more excited to see my husband, but my nephew is closer right now so he's my temporary finish line :D I already know what I'm getting him for Christmas. I might get it before then though... because I want to be the Aunt that buys him a bazillion things every time she visits so that he loves me more than mommy baahaha I'm not going to say what I'm getting him, because I know my sister reads my blog. I doubt she'll remember this, so I'll say this one thing. It was one of my favorite toys growing up, and he shares the interest as much as I did, so I'm sure he'll love it to. I have to buy it used, but even used it's going to be like 40 bucks since it's "collectable". I've found a few that are in "like new" condition online, so I don't really think that buying it "used" is a big deal. Especially since the toy is like 15 years old, so it's going to be kinda hard to find one brand spankin' new anyway lol. As long as the talk box works I'm fine :) I kind of want to get him a train set for Christmas, but I'm afraid he'll be too small to enjoy it, and that I should wait until he's like 3 or 4 for that. Idk, I'm rambling now.