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Hi! My name is Ashley. I am 24 years old, and live in Okinawa, Japan! I have been married to my husband since 2010 and we have a gorgeous little girl together. This is my life. This is who I am, what I'm about, and exactly how boring it is.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I told you so.

Oh, I told you so. I told you someday... I'd forget to keep writing.

Sorry guys! It's been over two months since I disappeared from your lives! So much has happened, so hopefully this doesn't take me hours to write... it probably won't though, because I'm exhausted lol. I'm about to pop in a Michelina's, grab a glass of water, and call it a night..errr... afternoon? lol I fully intend to be off in dreamland by like 8:30-9:00pm.
Yep! I got old on you guys! No more 3,4,5am bedtimes for me... I'm a workin lady now! I got a job! When I lived in Florida I worked as a Childcare Provider for a gym, props to the sister for hookin' me up ;D Well it's been a month over a year since I had to leave, and I still miss the kids and environment like crazy... so I went and got me another job, also as a Childcare Provider at a gym; this time I'm at Golds Gym, rather than a hospital owned gym. It's a bit different from Wellness, but I can tell it's going to be just as great. The kids are pretty much exactly comparable, which I was worried the kids here wouldn't live up to my Wellness kid's, but they're sure giving them a run for the money! haha. It's really great! It's so big, organized, and the babies and kids have a separate area, which if you've ever watched over 23 kids at a time, you know that is a life saver when 4 of them are babies. I've been working there for a week today (last Friday was my trial) and already I'm super excited about it. Working has also helped immensely with helping my days go faster... I can't believe it's already been a week since I started, so I know the rest of this deployment is going to fly by with all this time taken up, now :D
Remember Diesel? Yeah... no balls. He got em chopped off D: He also got a lump removed from his head (STILL no work on anything about it... yay -__-) but he's back up and running around like a menace. That was about 3-4 weeks ago.
Mark has been gone for 2 months and 28 days. He's doing a lot better than he was when he first left. He isn't as depressed anymore, and he's really starting to change his attitude towards the Marine Corp. He's also pretty excited about... wait for it... *le gasp* REENLISTING! Fuck me right square in the eye, I know... but ultimately this is the best thing for our family and we are excited to live the military life. Yes it will be hard, and my biggest concern (here comes the tears) are how much of our children's life he's going to be missing out on, but as long as Mark is happy with his decision, we will be okay. The kids part of it was a HUGE part in me hating that it's happening, but it already really helped because I know our children wouldn't be able to live the life they will with Mark being in the Marines, if he got out. But the part about him missing so much of our children's lives is going to tear me apart... so much that I've actually questioned having children anymore... I know that my mind is just being melodramatic, so I don't put a second thought towards it, but that is just how sad I am for that aspect of it. But like I said, it is the best choice for us, and when he retires at 40 years old he's going to know this was the right choice, and our children will know that they are their daddy's whole world, even if he has to be a world away every other year. I told him to pick up something from his next port (which he'l be at soon!) for me to use to decorate a nursery for our first child, that we plan on trying for either when he comes home or right before he leaves on his next deployment, which would be last next year, early 2013... and he replied that he looked at his last port <3
Also, as of last months I've been slowly getting myself into better eating/drinking habits, and yesterday I worked out for the first time in FOREVER (even though I've only really worked out two or three times before this.) I'm tired of this big belly, and I'm tired of these huge legs and big ass. Shit needs to chaaayunge! I am currently nomming down on a Michelina's Stroganoff frozen dinner... I'll probably eat some cottage cheese if this doesn't fill me up, but that's it! I had (one) Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bar for breakfast, and ate the rest after I got off work a few hours later. Then I had a different Michelina's for lunch, followed by a handful of grapes.
There are no sodas in my house either. I have cups, and I have filtered water. If my brother wants something other than water, he had to make a pitcher of tea lol. I drink an entire glass of water before I eat, then nom down, and after that I try not to eat anything else.... but I'm on my period so I made caramel sugar cookies >_> I promise I only ate one! And I really only made them because I watched cake boss so I had to bake something lol So yeah... Right now I'm going to start trying to go at least three times a week, and then once my body gets used to working out I'm going to work out every day after work. One of my coworkers asked me if I wanted to be her work out buddy after she saw me working out before work, so I told her sure, so I'm hoping she'll push me farther. She told me she pretty much only works on her legs, so that is perfect for what I want to do right now... my legs are my main focus, and if I can get in cardio my second focus (my tummy) should be good to go. I don't think I need to tighten it, since I'm not exactly fat, but we'll see as time progresses.
Hmm... lets see, what else is new... I think that's it lol. Oh wait! I've already finished the first part of my amazing transformation for Mark as well! I got the TV mounted! It's so preeetty lol I hung a small curtain behind the TV so that the curtains flow down under it and hide all the cords :D I also got new pillows for the couch, art pieces for the bedroom and living room (thanks to my friend, Ashley, for the living room art!) and my next big purchase is going to be a boflex for the third bedroom. I wanted to buy him a shed, but them bitches is EXPENSIVE and we're going to be moving in a year, so no use in spending that much money on something we aren't going to see a return profit on when we sell the house, and he'll only be able to enjoy it for like 3 or 4 months! Maybe I'll save up and surprise him with one for a house warming present in Cali (or Florida, if he doesn't reenlist). I don't know... we'll see.
Oh shit, I can't believe I forgot this huge part of my past two months!... me and a few friends have made our own forum! It's called Not So Silent Ranks ! It's a support forum for military significant others, and we also have a facebook community :) So far the forum is still slow, but we've got about 7 members that actively post through out the day, and we're doing a contest on our facebook community, which is now up to 338 "likes", so hopefully things will pick up slightly here soon with that promo going on :) Tell you're friends ;D haha
So yeah, I think that's about all of it! I've already set an alarm on my phone... and every saturday night, 8pm at the latest, I will start writing again! I'll try and post more than once a week, but I can't promise my life will be interesting enough for me to have anything to say! Sorry! <3