Monday, August 15, 2011

How To Love Me.

My birthday is in 1 month yaaaaaay. Mark emailed me last night (as usual, right as I was almost asleep lol) and told me to order How To Love Me. It's basically a book about the title... How to love ME :D He had me buy two, so he could fill one out too. The next carepackage I send will probably be his birthday so I think I might get What I Love About You as well. Same concept, different focus that also reflect the title. Instead of how, it's what. I want to get him something else too, a manlier gift, but I have no idea what. The video game he wants doesn't come out until mid-end of September (I forget when exactly) but I'll have the next carepackage sent out before then. I wanted to get him a TV for our bedroom but apparently I'm not allowed to spend that much on him lol. Wtf am I going to find under 100 dollars that will own the shit out of his gift!??!? He has a penis... much more difficult to work with than a vagina if you ask me. THATS IT. Maybe I'll buy him a vagina lmaooo (just kidding... or am I >_>)

Today, at work, is an Open House day. Aka kids everywhere bouncing off the walls (literally... we have a bounce house for these days), babies crying and not enough hands to hold them, and their mute buttons (aka pacifiers) keep falling out left and right. I worked this morning, which usually isn't that bad since the open house doesn't get packed until about 4:30pm or so. I got back at 4 until 7:30 though, so maybe I'll break my no spit up no breast milk streak and have to wash my work shirt tonight! Here's hoping! *sarcasm*

I have recently realized I have a problem. Well, two problems. Problem number one: I am addicted to scentsy. If I werent so cheap (I don't want to buy the starter kit o.O) and if I weren't so introverted I'd probably make a killin selling the stuff myself.. but alas I am neither so I get to spend all my money instead of making some of it back at least, by buying them from my friends instead of myself.

Problem numero dos? I'm a fatty fuh' show. Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday were cheat days >_< I went over by about around 200 calories all three of those days. I didn't work out on Friday or Yesterday either. I've been 141.1 (yes, to the .1) lbs every time I've weighed myself for the last week. I am hopeless. But at least I dont really need to get super skinny because I'm just gunna blow up like a balloon again as soon as Mark gets home.

Orly? Blow up like a balloon? Yep. I will have a metaphorical balloon in mah' belly soon after Mark comes home :D I talked to him about how I won't be fertile at all during the month of February (I am the last week of Jan and then again the first month of March, so Feb is just a period and no sparkly fancy baby opportunities). I told him a November/December baby sounds good (if we conceived the month after he gets home, which would make the due date Nov/Dec.) and he agreed!!!!!11!!!!FuckinNumberOne!!!!11! Okay that was a bit much... I appologize. BUT HOLY SHIT BABIESSSSSSS. k I'm done.

More good news you ask? OKAAYYYY if you insistz! I know when mark will be home! Like day of the month and errrythaaang. February it is, so not in time for christmas, but he'll be home before our anniversary and that's all I care about. Obviously, per OPSEC reasons, I can't say when, but if you know our anniversary that narrows it down by... not much since our anniversary is towards the end of the month lol. Positive note? I won't be on my period this time!! Last homecoming I was and let me tell you that was gay as a man with his nipples pierced. Which is super gay for the record. Don't pretend it's manly. Just don't.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

California. Rest In Peace.

Looks like I'll be sticking to North Carolina & Florida beaches for a bit longer. We're staying in Jacksonville. Mark put on his reenlistment papers that he wants California as his second option, and 204 - the non deployable squadron - as his first choice. I'm happy with the decision because that means he wont be deploying for at least another 4 or so years after he gets back, because he'll be applying for the MEPs program (to be come an officer) and then he's going to go to school to be a pilot, which means another 3 or so years at 204 while he's earning his wings. I'm sad that I wont get to be with my friends in Cali, but I've been hanging out with one of Mark's friend's ex girlfriends every so often, and we hung out again today and plan on hanging out again on Thursday. She talks a lot, which is nice because I'm pretty boring, and she's always pretty positive. I like hanging out with her :) Hopefully we aren't all talk and we actually do start to hang out more... it would be nice to have a good friend that I don't need to log online to talk to, or use google plus to "hang out" with lol. I need somebody here to keep me busy. I love the friends I have no, they're amazing and wonderfully skanky, but I just need that human interaction too. That's what I was looking forward to about California, but I really need to stop thinking about what could have been and start planning what will be. I need to build more relationships here after a year of warding them off for fear of PCSing and having to leave everything again. I don't have to block potential friends out anymore :)

Not much went on this past week, but yesterday I spent the majority of the night pooping my pants from the thunder/lightening storm we had. It was BAD. I had to get off the computer for a good two hours because I was sitting here, minding my own boring business when EVERYTHING went white for a split second, and then BOOM! WickedTittieFuzz mate. Lightening struck RIGHT outside of my back door... wait... THE back door... my sounds awkward. Anyways... where I was sitting was literally three feet away from the backdoor... so I had to have been 5 feet away from where the bolt hit. Girl 'bout lost her damn mind. Auto was RIGHT next to the door, wanting to go outside because he's a dumb fuck and everything. I ran into the hallways and called for them so I could cough my lady balls back out of hiding to go anywhere else and know that my puppies weren't being turned into fried chicken because they're stupid and wanted to play in the death rain. What an eventful night. At least I got bored enough to download Limitless (which was bomb as fuck btw.)

Today I woke up to a text from Marissa, asking if I wanted to come to the pool with her. It was supposed to rain again today and tomorrow, but it was really nice outside so I took full advantage of that and got out of bed, asked my brother to get up so the dogs weren't stuck in their kennels all afternoon, and headed out. I didn't even brush my hair I was so in the "I'm gunna get tan" zone. I did, however, put on my non-water-proof mascara and then told myself I was a moron after jumping into the pool and remembering I planned on not getting my face wet -_____-

Then I came home and cooked a bomb ass dinner (AMAAAZING Bacon Wrapped Chicken Recipe). I even got to hear from my husband today! That made my day go from good to amazing. Usually on my days off I just sit around and do nothing... I'm so glad that I actually was able to really make use of my day off... oh wait... Shit. I forgot to do laundry.