Friday, January 10, 2014

HELP! A camera phone just threw up on my blog!!

Because you're mine, I Walk the line.

Houston we have a WALKER! No not a brain eating, groaning, kill it before it kills you walker...

Madison is WALKING! Not everywhere, but she has her balance enough to go from here to there without falling after the first five steps. I counted 14 the other day! If she isn't going far, she walks (and shrieks all the way at how awesome and graceful she is, of course.) She will still crawl when she is in a hurry, or when myself or daddy are a threatening distance away from her fragile bubble that we must say in, but other than that this girl is on fiyah. I help her finger today on our way out, as well, and she walked all the way from our apartment, into the elevator, through the lobby, and through the parking lot to the very back where our car was parked. She was so proud of herself!

in other news...

I have some great news about diamonds! If you're on the hunt just retrace my footsteps because I lost one of the diamonds of my engagement ring! Woohoo!!!!
FML. And so now I get to just wear my band so I don't have to a) stab my pinky to death with the big empty hole & broken prongs or b) walk around with a ring that has a clump of wax or putty stuck in it. Looks like I'll just be sportin' the wedding band for the next 6 years D: Maybe Mark will get fancy and surprise me with it being fixed or a new ring before then... here's hoping but not holing my breath because lord knows I'd die lol I don't mind though. I can deal with just
the band for awhile. Pockets are much more convenient this way haha

Today me and Madison got krafty. She did her first finger painting! And by her I mostly mean me swinging my hands around a canvas trying to convince her this is what normal babies do. She got a couple swats in there, but it's mostly mommy's fantastical finger paint monogrammed canvas. Shhh, we'll let her think she did it all when she wakes up to see her masterpiece each morning hanging on her wall ;)

aaaand now she's trying to take over my computer, so with that I'm out.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Product Rave

Okay, I know I suck and didn't do a "Christmas Post" before posting this, but oh well. It will come. Eventually lol. I just HAVE to rave about this subscription box my mom got for Madison.

It's called "Citrus Lane". For $30 a month (or less depending on if you do monthly, trimonthly, or a six month subscription) you get a box FULL of goodies specifically geared towards your child's age & gender, from prenatal to 5 years old A typical box has a food item, a toy, a care item (shampoo, soap, lotion, etc), a book, and a surprise for mommy! Most items are organic, natural, and all around environmental & body conscious.

I have yet to be displeased by this box. If my mom didn't get the subscription for my daughter I would do everything in my power to make sure we still had it. Including cancelling my other subscription boxes!

This months box was PERFECTION. It didn't come with a food item, which I usually look forward to, but that detail was shadoweded by pure perfection.

First, the book. Super thick cardboard pages, perfect for babies who want to rip fragile paper books. And it is small enough for them to hold themselves, but big enough for my hands not to fubmle pages. "Cleo in the Snow". Perfect for winter, and Madison ALWAYS loves books!

Next, car item: Babytime by Episencial Snuggly Lotion. I LOVE this company. It's products are natural, usda organic, plant based, vegan & gluten free. SUPER environmentally conscious and all around a beautiful company whose products are fairly priced and worth every single penny even if they were to be overpriced. I already received their Shampoo & body wash in a previous box and have since ordered 3 large bottles of it to use. It is a bit watered down, but a little goes a long way and it smells amazing!

Also in the box was, one of my favorite things I have EVERY received, a small 12x12 inch canvas, including pink & blue paint to be used as "handprint wall art". I don't plan on doing a hand, though. We just did her hands for Christmas, so no need. I plan on using this (which is something I've been wanting to do, so perfect mind reader citrus lane obviously would send it!) for finger paints. Her room is pink, so I'll just give the blue paint to my neighbor who has a little boy and let her go crazy with the pink so we can hang it on the wall as her first painting! Super excited to do this I cannot HANDLE it!

And. The grand mac daddy... a Jumbo Knob Puzzle!! I have been looking for these for forever. This one isn't animals, it's shapes which is great because it will be easier for her to match them up once she gets the hang of it :)

It's so great that Citrus Lane seems to match our needs and wants PERFECTLY. Maybe we're just lucky, but I cannot rave enough about how amazing this company and the companies they support are. ESPECIALLY with us living in Japan and not having as much of a selection as far as natural products, or hot commodities toys in general go. Purely magical.

Uhg... Already counting down the days til my next box!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

But I Do Love You.

Okinawa, Japan is 12 or 13 hours ahead of Naples, Florida & Cincinnati/Dayton, Ohio. It is an up to 30 plus hour plane ride. And not a day goes by that that isn't on my mind.

I never forget how far away Madison is from our family. Her family. She will be nearly 4 years old before our family is an active part of her life beyond a computer screen & phone calls.

Not as important, I can't go out and get an Arby's Beef N Cheddar. Bi-weekly "cheat" trips to Smithfields are out of the question. Cookout's greasy goodness does not drip all over my fingers, and will not be washed down with a blueberry cheesecake milkshake. I indulge in no skyline, and I do not repulse my husband with the smell of two white castle cheese sliders & a small order of onion fries.

I can't buy home goods at Kirklands and hope my husband doesn't notice when he comes home from being away. He can't offer to buy me an unexpected pair of wedges from Buckle as my eyes light up passing them on our way to Gymboree at the mall, let alone go to Wilmington on the weekends to get a better selection of clothes (and still come home with only 1 shirt because I'm THAT picky.)

Friday summer nights don't begin every night in Drew's back yard staying up way too late only to get way too early to go to the beach and sit on the back of a Jeep. Heck no weekend nights at all begin that way. We don't go to Chilis (again!) with Chelsea, Jake, "Sky", and Kali. No more movie nights in their living room. No more promising Sky a balloon (which I always forgot to buy but he didn't care) if he did this or that.

But, Okinawa, I do love you. And I know that these next three years are going to go by way too quickly.

The island is straight off of an internet "paradise" google image search. You have beaches, country side, caves, water falls, children's parks, amazing food, hidden shacks, and soaring building all on one small island. You can wake up and relax in a beautiful quiet park with a small stream running under an old bridge, then end up in a loud bar eating sushi and drinking sake by night fall. Nothing about this island, so far, had made me think "I could do without that." Every thing is so beautiful and I usually sit in the passenger seat for that very reason. More opportunity to view what a wonderful place I have been granted the pleasure of calling home.

The people are just as beautiful as the island they so graciously opened to us. They are genuinely kind & thoughtful. You rarely see a glum face-- and if you do, the moment their gaze meets you smiling and nodding hello their face instantly brightens up with a smile & twinkling eyes as they nod back. Madison is seldom passed without a Kawaii (cute!) or some serious baby googly eyes. They almost always HAVE to touch her cheeks or hands. And I don't mind one bit. Because 9 times out of 10 if the person is even the slightest bit sick, they wear a mask. The courtesy they share for one another is outstanding.

If you are expecting a deliver, and given a 2 hour time frame, typically-- ignore the last hour & a half they say. If they say there will be here between 10 & 12 they will either be sitting in the truck waiting for the clock to strike 10 or will be there before 10:30. Their word is their word, and rarely will any thing change that.

Parking lots, while smaller than Stateside, are typically guided by attendants, both in & out of the parking lot. Often there are men pointing you in the direction of a parking spot.

I have yet to see a trash or recycling bin anywhere outside of a place of business (and even those aren't in plain sight), but I have yet to see litter. Off base at least.

Nothing about this island ceases to amaze me. And I hope it is always that way.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Baby you're everything and more than everything I wanted, more than I deserve...

Five days. Five more days and my baby girl will be 1 year old. It does not seem like we've had her this long, but when you think about it, is 364 days really that many days? Not when you write it out in days, in my opinion. Even shorter a time when you write it down as only 12 months. Which is scary to think that 1 year is "only" 12 months. Makes me wonder how fast the next 17 years will go. Also makes me want to curl up in a cocoon & pretend I'm still in my second trimester (because lets face it, the first & third suck lol!) with this beautiful baby girl and she is still a long way away from growing up :/

She still isn't walking, but she's taken a few steps here and there so I don't think we have too much longer to go for that. I'm excited about it, but I know once she starts walking I'll hate it lol

She's gotten so much more independent it's sort of sour to think about. She's still needy half the time, where she just wants to be in our (well... my lol) arms, or needs me to sit next to her as she plays so she knows exactly where I am and that I'm not leaving her, but usually a couple times a day I will be sitting on the couch and she'll crawl into her room to play with those toy. She has two bins in the living room to play with as well, but a girl's gotta have choices! lol!

Oh, also... whenever she cries in the car, we only have to play this certain song to get her to calm down... and it's kind of embarrassing lmao. Headband by B.o.B featuring 2 Chainz haha!!! That's one to tell her first date. "When she was a baby we would play a rap song about tight lady parts and ganji! It'd make her happy as a clam! No pun intended, of course!

The weekend before this past weekend Madison has her 1 year pictures taken, and smash cake pictures! She didn't get to wear exactly what I wanted her too, because it was too cold, but the pictures are still wonderful, regardless of what she was wearing, thanks to a friend of mine who is an amazing photographer! I cannot wait for our family to get the pictures!! If you're on, or planning on coming to Okinawa any time within the next year & a half or so, totally look into her stuff-- I cannot rave enough about her!!

Photo credits:

They Say It's Your Birthday...

  Happy Birthday Marine Corp... okay I don't really G.A.F about the fact that it's their "birthday" lol... but I do care that I get to get all dolled up! This past Saturday we had our Birthday Ball! For the first time, I actually wanted to stay the whole time! Maybe it was me being a mom, and actually enjoying just being around adults without worrying about poopy diapers & if it's nap time yet. Either way, it ended too soon and I wish I could go back and replay the night (with a few differences, of course, but we won't get into that lol)
  I always enjoy the slide show, but typically after that I slug through listening to a long boring speech, eating crappy food, and then we high tail on out of there once the dancing starts. But the speech was actually pretty good. There were some parts that went in one ear and out the other, but for the most part it was enjoyable (it helped that for the first time the guest of honer, the person who does the main speech, was fun to look at for an older man haha!)
 And the food! Oh man, it was actually warm! And that wasn't the best part... it was GOOD too! "What's that you say!? I must have misheard you!" NAY, my good friend! It tasted like something you actually were glad you paid $35 dollars to come to this play for! And apparently the booze was nice and strong, too, which my husband enjoyed (a little too much I might add lol).
 And lastly, the DJ actually did a great job picking songs! He was smart enough to start everything off with songs that had actual dances attached to them so people would
get out on the floor (Cupid Shuffle, Line Dancing, etc.) and once enough people were on the floor he changed it up to free dancing songs. I didn't hear any slow songs, but apparently those came after I left, according to Mark's text "Of course a song I would want to dance with you to comes on"... obviously -___- He never dances anyway, so whatevs, I'm used to it *shrug*. (Mark ended up coming home with his gunny. I left a half an hour or so before him so I could let the baby sitter go home at a relatively decent hour.)

Oh, and speaking of birthdays! Madison will be 1 year old in 5 days! What. Thee. Ever Loving. Hell!? How did this happen!? And why am I not twig bitch skinny again by now!? Gah, I started Herbalife up again way too late lol what a slacker. I'm down 10 pounds, though... so that's a plus. Now that I fit into my gown, though, I know I'll be slacking more, which sucks... but at least I have plenty of time, even with slacking, to get bikini bod ready ;D
Her party will be on the 17th. This weekend we go to finish up her Birthday shopping, and to get decorations for her party.
Her birthday Party will be a "Royal Affair" where she'll be dressed up (and the guests/their kids if they'd like!) like prince & princesses! We still don't know too many people on island, so it will be relatively small so it will just be in our apartment :)

Now on to a separate and much longer Madison Update in a new post!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

It's Good To Be Bad.

I am a bad mom, and I'm perfectly fine with it.

Madison Brianna is 9 months old. She has no designated nap, bath, eating, bed, or wake-up time. She has no schedule, and 95% of the time she is happy.

To most people now days, no schedule for a baby is horrible. Society constantly tells you how to raise your child the best way. How you need to put them on a schedule, or your life will revolve around them and nothing more or less.

My daughter is a baby. She is not a clock.

She wakes on her own for the day between 6:30 & 8:30 and she goes to sleep for the night between 8:00pm & 10:00pm. Sometimes she wakes up between 3:30am & 5am for a sleep feeding, but for the last week she hasn't been waking at all in the middle of the night.

Bath day is every 2-3 days (depending on if we go in the heat or if she is otherwise dirtier than usual). Sometimes it is in the morning. Sometimes it is in the afternoon. Sometimes it is at night. Her bath time is whenever I decide "Okay, I'll give her a bath now." Usually right before we leave if we have things to do that day, whenever that may be. Her bath is not a cue for bedtime, or wake time. It is a bath. It is when I splish and splash her while she splishes and splashes herself. It is not a time for her to relax, it is a time for her to play and have fun while momma does her thing with that cup & washcloth that sure do look like fun toys.

She eats when she is hungry. Sometimes that is every 3 hours. Sometimes that is every 5 hours. Her breakfast is whenever she is hungry after her first morning bottle. Her lunch is whenever she is hungry in the afternoon. Her dinner is when we eat (which varies depending on when daddy comes home.)

My daughter is not a robot. She knows when she is hungry and/or tired. And she knows how to tell me that.

Now, if you put your baby/toddler/child on a schedule and it works for you, more power to you. But that does not mean it is what everybody should do. It works for some people, and others (while it will still probably work for most) prefer to let their child tell them when they need things.

My daughter is not in charge. But I am also not in charge of her basic human needs. While she is a person made from two people, she is her own. I will continue to let her be her own person so long as I am able.