Thursday, January 17, 2013

How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You.

Yep, I'm back to the monthly posts... maybe one day I'll be able to post more often... yeah okay lol.

Madison Brianna is now 2 months old!...and 4 days to be exact :P Yesterday she had her two month shots and ohhh my lawd I was NOT prepared for that. She screamed so loud and I mean that part wasn't that bad for me, but I made the fatal mistake of looking at her mouth and it broke my heart to actually SEE her screaming. Hearing I could take, but not seeing. I almost cried but I sucked it up lol Luckily she only screamed for like thirty seconds or I might have lost it... I'm making Mark take her next time lol I'll just leave the room for that part!

She's starting to talk now. Well... not actual talking, but baby coos. It is the cutest thing in the entire world! She mostly gets talkative at night. She will be in her swing and Mark and I will be watching TV and she'll just start jabbering away!

She can actually lift her head & chest up, too... mind you she wont do it on her tummy time mat (apparently tummy time mats are only for crying) but she will when she's on it with her boppy, or laying on my chest! She holds her head steady as well.

Yesterday she hardcore discovered her hands. I walked out to the car, Mark had already put her in her car seat, and as I walked past her to get to the passenger seat I peeked in and her finger was right up on her nostril and she was just starring at it like "wtf are you doing in there" haha Then last night she started sucking on her fist like a mad woman (not out of hunger). Putting her to sleep I could barely keep her paci in her mouth because she kept trying to suck on her fist through the pacifier lol I'm excited for her to discover her thumb, but only so i don't have to keep putting her paci back in her mouth and we can transition to the crib easier. After she can keep her pacifier in her mouth long enough for her to fall into a deep enough sleep, that thumb better hit the road!

She's wearing 3 month onsies now. She can still fit in her newborn pants (well... capris now haha), but she's in size 1 diapers. I'm pretty sure she'll be moving over to 2 here soon. She's already 14 lbs and 8oz as of yesterday. Ones only go up to 14 lol And we JUST bought a huge thing of size 1 diapers... I'm probably going to return them for twos.

And now for some pretty big news... Yesterday DH got web orders for a PCS... no, we aren't going to Virginia like his gunny originally said. And we aren't going to California like we wanted to. That only leaves one place! 日本! (I'm hoping google was right on that, btw lol) We're going to Japan :O According to his web orders, he is being processed out of his current squadron in June for his month of leave, then sometimes in July we're assuming is when Mark, Madison, and myself make the voyage to Okinawa, Japan. We will be there for 3 years :O

I'm on the fence about it all. Initially & ultimately I am excited, there are just those big negatives that I hate about it. Madison wont be around our family but once a year until she's almost 3 years old for one. Also, our dogs will have to stay behind. I'm sure we could take Diesel if we wanted to pay for it, but he would be miserable without Auto so we are just leaving them both with my parents.

Mark wasn't happy about it at all when he first found out he was getting orders, but now he's fine with it. He sees this as a fresh start. We have to sell the cars & the house so we will have zero debt (minus the loans we will have to take out to cover our negative equity on the home we just bought three years ago and the car we just bought 5 months ago, but that beats a 120k home loan and 20k car loan lol) We have one of our cars paid off, so we will get a nice chunk to pay off the rest of our debt, and we will be selling a lot of the things we aren't taking with us like our spare bedroom's furniture (we only get a two bedroom, so we wont have a place for it.)

Today a realtor is coming over to talk to us about what to do to sell our house fast (because he only have five months to do it!) I'm hoping this house sells as fast as it did when we bought it. We made an offer on it (along with like 4 other offers) before it was even officially listed with the old owner's realtor so here's hoping! And here's so, hopefully, an amazing experience!