Friday, November 30, 2012

Madison Brianna Justice

Madison Brianna Justice was born at 0839 November 13th, 2012 at Camp Lejeune Naval Hospital. She was 21 inches long, and weighed 8 lbs 1 oz. She had 5 little fingers, 5 little toes, and one perfect little face.

My baby girl is here. She is 2 weeks and 3 days old right now. In her swing after a feeding, giving out hiccups and fighting off sleep like a champ. I guess that seems like a good time to update my blog. That is, if she'll let me. She's currently cooing like she might have other plans, but we'll try.

I am a mom. My husband is a father. What the hell is going on!? How did we make her? How did we do that!? It's so strange to look at her and think that 10 months ago I didn't even know she was in there. Granted, she was barely in there, but she was there. The size of the tip of a pen. She was MAYBE a week into gestation, but she was there. 9 months ago she was nothing but a little pink line on a stick, and now she is a little pink and zebra print bundle with little pink zebra socks to match (well, if they would stay on her feet that is.) She's already grown nearly an inch since birth. She was down to 7 lbs 3 oz when we left the hospital (she was 3 days old when we left) and now she's already up to 8 lbs 7 oz.

Uht oh. Here comes the cry for for food. Well that was short lived. I guess I'll add more later lol

Friday, November 16, 2012

Now he's wrapper around her finger, she's the center of his whole world.

Guess what I can do? I can have a baby! And boy is it uncomfortable lol I'm still pretty set on waiting those 4 years. Mark would have me pop another one out in 9 months if he had his way, I'm sure lol.

I'm feeling lazy, duh. A lot going on, so I'll write more on this later in regards to after getting home and all that, but here is my labor story that I posted on a forum I'm a part of :)

Born November 13th, 2012.
She was 8 pounds, 1 oz & 21 inches long.

So, as some of you know, I made this thread (clicky) on Monday night. Most of that entire day I was having painless contractions starting at ten minutes apart and gradually getting closer and closer. I took a hot bath that night, and they were still running at 5 minutes apart. Since they weren't painful at all, I decided to get some rest and see how I felt when I woke up.

About 2:30am DH came to bed (Halo just came out a week before  ), got into bed, and pretty much right as he got comfortable I felt like something was going to happen. Almost like I was about to have a lot of discharge or a big ass chunk of my plug was coming out... which I had already lost so.... I got on all fours to get out of bed easier, said "I think something is about to happen...", stood up, and then said "Yep. Something is happening." I felt a pop, then a gush. Luckily I made it to the shower quickly so by the time it soaked through I was in there. Then it kept coming. Holy cow I didn't realize that I would be "peeing" myself for the next 17 or so hours. I thought you water broke and boom that was that o.O

So water broke, woke up DH (well, said hey "DH" lol since he had JUST closed his eyes), woke up momma, and we got our stuff together to leave. Got halfway to the hospital, and realized I forgot my purse at the house... yeah you need that lol So went back, headed to the hospital again and DH decided it would be the perfect time to fill up the tank. Whatever, contractions still aren't painful, just barely starting to feel anything with them now. Got gas, and THEN went to Naval.

They checked me, and I was admitted about 4-4:30am. I was still 1cm >:/

Once I was all IV'd and good to go they were pretty limited on my cervical checks, since my water had already broken, to reduce the change of introducing anything harmful and causing infection. That's when time started to fly by. They checked me around 7, and I was STILL only 1cm. By then my water had been broken for about 4 1/2 hours, so we went ahead and did a Foley Bulb. Half an hour later, plop, the foley bulb had fell out (which it's supposed to do, btw. They put weight at the end of it in order to manually dilated you. It's supposed to take you to 4 or 5 cm) So I was checked again, and yaaay I was at 4 1/2-5cm. They decided to check me again a few hours later... still a friggin 5 >:/ so we discussed pitocin. Since I wanted to go natural I was at a very low dose for a few hours. Checked again... STILL A FRIGGIN 5 >:( At that point the contractions had started to hurt but I was pretty content still with baring through them. As time went on it got worse and worse. I didn't have any more checks while they were upping the pitocin. After a few hours of low dose pitocin they checked and I still wasn't progressing. At all. Still a 5. So started slowly upping my pitocin level every half an hour. I couldn't take the pain anymore. About 4pm the pain was just too much, so I asked for a pain management IV. It took like fifteen minutes for my nurse to get the pharmacy to place the order, and it was going to take about 15-30 minutes for it to get to me. A few minutes after she came back and told me the order was in and it would be about 15-30 minutes the pain had pretty much double. I could. Not. Take. it. She was handling my contractions and the pitocin perfectly, like nothing had changed from when I first got there, but I was shaking pretty bad from the pain. I worried that I was putting too much stress on her since I had started hyperventalating with the contractions and my legs and hands had started going numb from it. Until that point, I was perfectly content taking the pain. I could not take 15-30 more minutes of that. I asked how long it would take for the epidural to be put in and she said she could get somebody to me within ten minutes because there was only one other mother in labor at the time and she already had hers. I couldn't do it. I asked for the epidural and dreaded every minute it took to get to me. All like five minutes of it lol. So... little ole "I'm TOTALLY doing it natural, no doubt" me said fuhkit and got the Epidural. For those of you who plan to go natural, do NOT be me. Inform yourself. Read about it. If you swear up and down you 100% aren't getting it, read up on it anyway. I was 100% confident in that I would not get the epidural. If I hadn't been in labor for so long, if I had actually progressed, I feel like I could have... but I was in pain for just way too long for me to take. I got the Epidural and was able to take a nap. Around 7 o'clock they did a shift change. By 7:15pm I had my new nurse, and a LOT of pressure. I was checked, and I was fully dilated, and she was pretty low but my nurse thought I would be pushing for awhile if I started now, so she helped me elevate myself a little to help drop her more before I started pushing. My new nurse was with me for all of fifteen minutes? before I told her, Nowp, I need to start pushin'. She wanted me to wait until the pressure was consistent, even without contractions, but they were too strong during the contractions for me to stop, so I decided to risk pushing for longer and get the ball rolling. I started pushing around 7:45pm. They thought for sure, before I started pushing, that I would be pushing for at least a couple hours. By the third push every contraction I was REALLY out of breath, but I was making a lot of progress with every push. I was able to watch with the mirror once she started to crown, which really helped me to focus. Hooolly hair. Everywhere. (but not on me, I commented on how well a job I did shaving and gave myself a pat on the back between contractions lol) Between contractions we would talk and all that, it was really a great experience. I wasn't able to count how many times I had to push, and I forgot to ask somebody else. Whoops. A little less than an hour of pushing-- at 8:39pm she was here. Apparently my Ritz Carlton of a vagina that Madison didn't want to come out of was fully stocked with an awesome security staff for those troublesome guests who don't want to leave :D

I tore on the inside, I think I heard second degree? in three different spots. I've had a total of oh IDK 6 hours of sleep since she was born and honestly, while year I'm a little tired, I'm pretty content getting three hours of sleep a night lol As far as after delivery, Camp Lejeune actually has pretty good food lol Their scrambles eggs look a bit sketchy, but I'm not much for eggs anymore anyway so noo biggy :P I had this awesome chicken for lunch one day... couldn't cut it with the plastic knife, so I had to use my teeth to just bite it, but it was still really good lol And then I had Veal Parm for dinner after that. AH MAH GAHD it was soooo goooddd lol 

Breastfeeding is going pretty good, I think. She lost 5% of her birth weight, so that's good, she's getting enough. It just hurts. Her bottom jaw goes in quiet a bit compared to where her top lip is so she's having trouble keeping at good latch... hurts like a mofo for me, but ultimately if she's getting what she needs I can bare the pain until we work through figuring out getting her a good latch. She always tries to sleep during feeding. Even if she is awake for awhile beforehand the second she's on the boob, boom, sleep. I have to constantly wake her >:/ She doesn't really cry, and when she does it's only for like... sixty seconds or less yaaaaay. She sleeps. A lot. The pediatrician said she didn't seem jaundiced at all, but the nurse said she thinks she is so idk I think she's a little yellow, but nothing crazy IMO. She hasn't had her "marathon" feeding yet. When she eats it usually ten minutes a side, or sometimes she'll get froggy and go 15-20 on one and then fall too deep asleep for me to go to the other side.

I'm getting in my upper body work out lol My lateral muscles (sides) and my triceps (granny flap lol) are sooo sore from me lifting myself up out of chairs and the bed. and my butt is sooo heavy after sitting for awhile. The doctors were fairly surprised at how fast I was up and walking around, though. The first time they came in the guys was visibly shocked that I was up and about lol My butt hurts too much if I just sit or lay there, so I gotta get up! lol My feet are swollen like a mofo, I have no ankles, and my calfs are pretty swollen, too. I didn't think my hands were swollen, but I just tried to put my rings back and and no dice. Couldn't go over the middle knuckle lol

So yeah... I think that's the whole story... I keep getting distracted (not by her, she's been sleeping this whole time lol As usual.) Now lets hope this booger wakes up for me and eats >_>