Monday, June 25, 2012

Hit Me With Your Best Shot.

No, seriously. Do it. I know you've got more.. Yes more. Because I JUST felt her kick!!

Okay, that's really all I have to write about... I just wanted to document it lol

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Don't Stop Believing.

So, now that Mark and I know what is going on, I feel comfortable sharing this with everybody who wasn't aware anything was evening wrong.

A month ago I was flagged for Trisomy 21. That is how we found out Madison was a girl at 17 weeks rather than during my original 20 week scan we had scheduled; we needed an ultrasound to narrow down the likelihood that Madison would be born with Down Syndrome. Going into the geneticist we were told that from my blood test they had noticed an abnormally large presence of one of the four hormones that are released during pregnancy. With what they saw, they put Madison in a 1 in 40 chance for Down Syndrome. After speaking to the geneticist we were sent for the second tier; an ultrasound. Everything measured perfectly, but there were two soft markers. Soft markers are common finding in babies with Down Syndrome. The first soft marker was a Choroid plexus cyst in the baby's brain. This would not affect the baby's brain, and they are found in perfectly healthy babies. They typically go away on their own. They also found a dark spot in the heart, typically they are calcium build ups. Also, the baby's heart would not be affected by this, and perfectly healthy children have this as well, but it is a soft marker. These two soft markers brought her chance of being born with Down Syndrome to 1 in 20.

After that we were sent into a consultation room. We were told about the soft markers, and asked if we had decided if we were going to go ahead with Amniocentesis. Amnio testing does have a risk of miscarriage, I had already researched it, and I was not okay with that so I declined immediately. Earlier in the appointment we were told about a test, MaterniT21. It was another blood test. They would take my blood, thus no potential for harm to the baby, and from that they could find DNA from the baby to count chromosomes. It is 95-99% effective in diagnosis Trisomy 21, more towards 95% for Trisomy 18, and about 65% for Trisomy 13. They weren't concerned about 18 or 13, just 21, so I agreed to have that test done. I was told it would take two weeks for the test results to come back, and they did. Today.

Today I got a call. The area code was Wilmington, where my appointment was, so I knew exactly what they were calling to tell me. They were calling to tell me whether my baby was going to be born with Down Syndrome or not.

On or around November 11th, 2012 I will have a baby girl. Her name will be Madison Brianna J. and she will be beautiful and 100% healthy. I nearly cried on the phone, but I pulled it together. The tests came back negative for all forms of Trisomy. She will be a normal, healthy baby girl. I felt in my heart that everything was fine, but it feels so much better to have that reassurance.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Give Me All Your Luvin'

Say hello to Madison Brianna. Yep, you got that right, it's a girl! We found under unfortunate circumstances, which I'm not going to discuss with anybody other than those who are already aware of the situation, so please do not press the issue. I will not talk about it right now. Soon enough, people. Soon enough. I will say that the ultrasound went very well, all things considered. She is measuring exactly where she should be.

More good news: I don't feel like hell anymore! Hip hip horray! I've cleaned the house like 3 times this week... that's every other day... that's like 2 times more than usual. And 3 times more when I was in the middle of Morning Sickness hell. My house is now clean on a daily basis... that deserves a drink-- oh wait.

I haven't thrown up in at least two weeks. As long as I stay away from too much dairy, and little to no eggs or chicken I'm good to go.

In under three weeks I'll be getting another ultrasound, in Florida, with my family. My mother is getting us a 4D ultrasound, which I'm super excited about. I love seeing her move around, which she does. Alot. I just pray that she stays a she!

I'm also feeling her move on a daily basis. Not big moves, just kicks-- mostly after food because apparently I'm growing a porker. A butthole of a porker, too. Daddy's chili? Kick. Momma's taco pie? Nada.... an hour after Momma's taco pie she grabs applesauce and THAT makes her happy. Really!? Whatevs... guess somebody is already a Daddy's Girl. I will win her over with kisses, and hugs, and clothes when the time comes. Your days are numbered, Daddy.