Thursday, November 7, 2013

They Say It's Your Birthday...

  Happy Birthday Marine Corp... okay I don't really G.A.F about the fact that it's their "birthday" lol... but I do care that I get to get all dolled up! This past Saturday we had our Birthday Ball! For the first time, I actually wanted to stay the whole time! Maybe it was me being a mom, and actually enjoying just being around adults without worrying about poopy diapers & if it's nap time yet. Either way, it ended too soon and I wish I could go back and replay the night (with a few differences, of course, but we won't get into that lol)
  I always enjoy the slide show, but typically after that I slug through listening to a long boring speech, eating crappy food, and then we high tail on out of there once the dancing starts. But the speech was actually pretty good. There were some parts that went in one ear and out the other, but for the most part it was enjoyable (it helped that for the first time the guest of honer, the person who does the main speech, was fun to look at for an older man haha!)
 And the food! Oh man, it was actually warm! And that wasn't the best part... it was GOOD too! "What's that you say!? I must have misheard you!" NAY, my good friend! It tasted like something you actually were glad you paid $35 dollars to come to this play for! And apparently the booze was nice and strong, too, which my husband enjoyed (a little too much I might add lol).
 And lastly, the DJ actually did a great job picking songs! He was smart enough to start everything off with songs that had actual dances attached to them so people would
get out on the floor (Cupid Shuffle, Line Dancing, etc.) and once enough people were on the floor he changed it up to free dancing songs. I didn't hear any slow songs, but apparently those came after I left, according to Mark's text "Of course a song I would want to dance with you to comes on"... obviously -___- He never dances anyway, so whatevs, I'm used to it *shrug*. (Mark ended up coming home with his gunny. I left a half an hour or so before him so I could let the baby sitter go home at a relatively decent hour.)

Oh, and speaking of birthdays! Madison will be 1 year old in 5 days! What. Thee. Ever Loving. Hell!? How did this happen!? And why am I not twig bitch skinny again by now!? Gah, I started Herbalife up again way too late lol what a slacker. I'm down 10 pounds, though... so that's a plus. Now that I fit into my gown, though, I know I'll be slacking more, which sucks... but at least I have plenty of time, even with slacking, to get bikini bod ready ;D
Her party will be on the 17th. This weekend we go to finish up her Birthday shopping, and to get decorations for her party.
Her birthday Party will be a "Royal Affair" where she'll be dressed up (and the guests/their kids if they'd like!) like prince & princesses! We still don't know too many people on island, so it will be relatively small so it will just be in our apartment :)

Now on to a separate and much longer Madison Update in a new post!

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