Friday, January 10, 2014

Because you're mine, I Walk the line.

Houston we have a WALKER! No not a brain eating, groaning, kill it before it kills you walker...

Madison is WALKING! Not everywhere, but she has her balance enough to go from here to there without falling after the first five steps. I counted 14 the other day! If she isn't going far, she walks (and shrieks all the way at how awesome and graceful she is, of course.) She will still crawl when she is in a hurry, or when myself or daddy are a threatening distance away from her fragile bubble that we must say in, but other than that this girl is on fiyah. I help her finger today on our way out, as well, and she walked all the way from our apartment, into the elevator, through the lobby, and through the parking lot to the very back where our car was parked. She was so proud of herself!

in other news...

I have some great news about diamonds! If you're on the hunt just retrace my footsteps because I lost one of the diamonds of my engagement ring! Woohoo!!!!
FML. And so now I get to just wear my band so I don't have to a) stab my pinky to death with the big empty hole & broken prongs or b) walk around with a ring that has a clump of wax or putty stuck in it. Looks like I'll just be sportin' the wedding band for the next 6 years D: Maybe Mark will get fancy and surprise me with it being fixed or a new ring before then... here's hoping but not holing my breath because lord knows I'd die lol I don't mind though. I can deal with just
the band for awhile. Pockets are much more convenient this way haha

Today me and Madison got krafty. She did her first finger painting! And by her I mostly mean me swinging my hands around a canvas trying to convince her this is what normal babies do. She got a couple swats in there, but it's mostly mommy's fantastical finger paint monogrammed canvas. Shhh, we'll let her think she did it all when she wakes up to see her masterpiece each morning hanging on her wall ;)

aaaand now she's trying to take over my computer, so with that I'm out.

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